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SISTERLY was founded by three friends, an investment banker, barrister and luxury brand developer. We have brought together a formidable team of scientists, nutritionists and female health experts to develop The Elevator, going the long road, so you don't have to. We've taken no shortcuts and spared no expense to make a nutritional supplement of uncompromising quality for our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and ourselves.

  • Jenny

    From Limerick and a mum of one, Jenny was an attorney in New York before she moved back to Dublin to work as a barrister. For reasons unknown she completed an Ironman and swam across Lake Geneva but a few rounds of Covid caused her to pause and look for natural solutions to improve her own energy and immunity. SISTERLY for her is a labour of love and an opportunity to make something better that really works for women.

  • Louise

    Louise is a brand consultant originally from Ireland now living in Los Angeles for the past 10 years. She has primarily worked in the luxury lifestyle space, developing brands across beauty, wellness, fashion and private membership clubs, including the female network Allbright. She is passionate about health and wellness and has a front row seat to innovation in LA.

  • Aoife

    Aoife is a mum of three, an entrepreneur and a former investment banker. A few years ago, while living in Spain and tired of the corporate world, she decided to retrain as a Nutrition and Health Coach. This opened her eyes to the lack of investment in female health and the need to do more. Aoife can't get enough of sport, it's a bit obsessive. She does everything fast, including running which she loves in the early morning by the sea, with the odd dip thrown in for fun.

Helping Others

Supporting women is at the very essence of what SISTERLY is about.  We wanted to find a charity partner that both recognised the incredible resilience women have and the responsibilities they take on during their lifetime.

We have chosen to partner with Choose Love this year who are a charity that help women in times of crisis especially if they've been displaced.  They provide humanitarian aid including food, shelter and medicine, and are doing incredible work in countries like Ukraine, Syria and Mexico.  We know we are only a start up but we hope our impact will grow over time. 1% of our sales will be donated to Choose Love and their female focused projects.  

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Sustainability is of utmost importance to us.

We aim to source and manufacture locally. Currently we manufacture product and source our packaging and ingredients within Ireland and the UK.

We selected a delivery partner who shares our commitment to sustainability. All international deliveries are certified carbon neutral and only recyclable, and often recycled, packaging is used.

Our outer packaging and boxes are 100% recyclable. The sachets are currently not recyclable due to the requirement for specific material to protect the nutrients from oxidation and to ensure they remain fresh. New recyclable sachet material is being trialed and we will switch to this as soon as possible.

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