SISTERLY launches The Elevator in Whole Foods Market, Kensington High Street

SISTERLY launches The Elevator in Whole Foods Market, Kensington High Street

SISTERLY is delighted to officially launch in the United Kingdom this month, on April 24th, when their award-winning supplement, The Elevator, will be available to purchase in Whole Foods Market in London. The partnership is the perfect union for SISTERLY who have long admired the holistic ethos of Whole Foods and the prestigious products they carry. Since launching in September 2023, SISTERLY has built a loyal following and expanded in the Irish market. A move to the United Kingdom is a significant milestone for the Irish born company, created by three enterprising founders Jennifer O’Connell, Aoife Matthews and Louise O’Riordan.

The Elevator is a next- generation multi-nutrient designed to simplify and upgrade women’s daily supplement routine. The evidence-based, broad spectrum, supercharged, daily multi-nutrient that combines 24 essential nutrients in one pure, potent, powder sachet was designed specifically for the female physiology to help elevate energy and immune defences, balance mood and make skin, hair and nails strong and healthy. The Elevator uses bioavailable, high-grade vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in careful synergy and in optimised doses for maximised efficacy, all backed by peer-reviewed medical data and advanced clinical research.

SISTERLY is committed to developing supplements of uncompromising quality and is delighted to partner with Whole Foods Market who has for women with Whole Food Markets have rigorous standards for all supplements they carry.

Speaking about the launch, co-founder Louise O’Riordan said:

“Partnering with Whole Foods Market has been a dream since we started the SISTERLY journey. Our ethos and values as a company are perfectly aligned with Whole Foods Market and what they stand for. We look forward to a successful and exciting journey together as we bring SISTERLY to the UK market and beyond”.

The Elevator will be available in Whole Foods Market, Kensington High Street, London from, Wednesday April 24th.

Our SISTERLY founders will be bringing The Elevator bar to Whole Foods Market next week so come down to say hello, try our award-winning formula and have your female health questions answered:

  • Wednesday 24th April, 3pm - 6pm
  • Thursday 25th April, 12pm - 3pm

If you aren't local to London or you just can't wait to get to Whole Foods Market to pick up our award-winning formula, you can get yours here.

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